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Oneskin has been created to supply worldwide markets with high quality and innovative lacquered boards to open new possibilities in the furniture industry, interior decorations, paneling, and other architectural purposes.



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We are very pleased with the interest and positive response from our business partners and customers, to which we want to say: Thank you!

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Oneskin is the brand created to satisfy the market demand for high quality lacquered boards to be used in the furniture industry, interior decoration, paneling and other architectural purposes.

As part of the industrial division of Desfo Group, Oneskin is founded on our entrepreneurship and over 15 years of knowhow and experience in the production of furniture components and panels using lacquering and foil wrapping technology.

We are located in Porto, a strategic geographical location to reach worldwide markets with an excellent access to road and maritime transportation.


Oneskin is committed to offer our customers a superior performance in service, delivery, quality and innovation.

We aim to be successful by creating long term cooperation links with our clients and supply chain partners whilst generating common profitable and sustainable growth.

Our ambition is to progressively increase Oneskin’s added value to our clients and optimize total supply chain costs through the development of innovative technologies, the manufacture of better products and the offer of unique services. 



Oneskin is ISO 9001 and FSC certified. All of our products have been thoroughly tested in accredited laboratories to assure fulfilment of the most demanding quality requirements in compliance with international norms and standards for furniture industry. Additionally, we have an internal laboratory to constantly carry out and monitor all relevant and necessary mechanical and chemical tests.

As part of our commitment to product quality, Oneskin uses only environmentally friendly raw materials from the best suppliers. All raw materials and internal manufacturing processes are subject to 100% documented control carried out by our highly qualified quality staff. All Oneskin products are 100% traceable throughout all production processes. 

We deliver CARB P2 panels upon request.

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Desicor - Industrias, SA began a series of investments aiming at its modernization, increase of productivity and competitiveness. For such, it applied under the Notice No. 12 of 2012 under the SI Innovation of QREN. The investments contemplated the acquisition of different production equipment, targeting product diversification, investment in digital economy, energy efficiency and internationalization. The application submitted was approved, and given the No. 39487. More information about the incentive systems, incentive fees and investment values can be found on www.incentivos.qren.pt or following the link symbols in the publication (COMPETE, QREN, EU).

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